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5 Things to Consider Choosing Newborn Photographer in 2021

Choosing Newborn Photographer in Brisbane can be incredibly overwhelming. This is not only the person with whom you are going to entrust with the very first images of your little bub, but also the person who you (more than ever) hope knows their profession so well that at ALL times, your little one is safe and happy. Although I have been experienced as a Newborn Photographer, I had never known the complete story of what I was providing to parents – until I had my own child. Being at the receiving end of having some newborn photos taken by a wonderful photographer, I realized just how precious this moment in life was, and how quickly it flew by. There were so many things that stood out as being absolutely vital to choosing my photographer and I wanted to share these with you.

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1. Does Your Mewborn Photographer Prioritize Safety?

Firstly, this is number one on my list as it should be for yours too! You may have found a photographer who takes the most incredible images, but if they have unsafe practice, then you can strike that photographer off the list straight away! Also, to give you an idea of the safety requirements you should be looking out for, here is a list of just some of the precautions I take in my sessions:

– I have trained in both CPR and First Aid.
– I have public liability insurance.
– the shooting space is warmed to 26-28 degrees celsius and altered according to baby being wrapped, doubled wrapped, held or naked.
– I wash my hands and use sanitiser regularly.
– If I am unwell, your session is postponed to a later date. This rarely happens as I don’t get sick often, but I would never risk your baby’s health due to my booking schedule.
– I always use a camera strap, particularly when shooting over your bub.
– My studio, used props, blankets and wraps are cleaned/washed after every session.
– Your baby is only photographed on low, supported, comfortable and safe surfaces.


I use an assistant or ask you or your partner to ‘spot’ as I shoot to ensure bub always has a pair of eyes on him/her and a pair of hands very close by.
I regularly seek advice from a registered nurse on the do’s and don’ts of working with babies.
am accredited in Newborn safety and have learned about the many different specifics that go with holding and photographing newborns depending on how they have entered the world, how they are feeding, if they have any physical injuries or differences and what works individually for each baby judging on their mood, and physical needs.

I only put your little one in poses that are safe and that they comfortably move into. Some poses like ‘The froggy pose’ are not for all babies. Natural and more womb-like poses are what I feel comfortable with, and I personally feel are more beautiful.
– I do composite imagery when needed. Never is baby suspended or in a position where they could drop- it’s all an illusion!

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Frogy pose

2. Are They Experienced at Photographing Newborns?

These days everyone has a camera on them 24/7 and as a result, many budding new photographers have come into the industry very recently, hungry to photograph and earn some cash for their hobby. Everyone has to start somewhere and every photographer has different degrees of experience with photographing people, let along babies. Ensure that your photographer is not only experienced but is a professional with a registered business, not a novice.  This is not only for the sake of your little one, but for your photography experience and product you are paying for as well. Take time to look at their galleries, presence and read up on their experience and training.

3. What Style are You Looking for- Posed, Lifestyle or Documentary?

In Choosing a Brisbane Newborn Photographer, There are such different looks to a Newborn session. If you are wanting to see your little one in a bowl or curled up on a backdrop then a ‘posed’ studio session is for you. Lifestyle photography is generally in your home (can be in studio) and is, as l like to describe ‘A day in the life’. It is relaxed and alluding to the idea that the photographer is a fly on the wall, giving direction only when needed, capturing you in your space as you get to know this new little family member.

Documentary photography is completely dismissing the notion that there is a photographer in the room. No images are posed, and lighting and the scenery are exactly as they naturally appear. This kind of photography is indicative of birthing photography and location work in the hospital. Which style do you like?…and does your photographer provide this kind of session?

4. Is Your Photographer Patient or Will They Watch the Clock?

Patience is one of the MOST important words to use when describing a newborn session. Although we all dream that our bub is going to be perfectly satisfied and settled the whole session through, we all know that there are so many factors that can come into play and your photographer’s patience is paramount. Although I tell my mums to feed at the beginning of the session, sometimes, feeds don’t align this way and bub can decide to become hungry just as we have him/her perfectly in position. Even then, a feed may not settle bub as they may be gassy or need a change of nappy…they are complicated little ones! I’m always extremely understanding of what parents and bubs need and can wait as long as it takes until bub (and you) are happy and comfortable.

I only have one session booked a day so we can take as long as we need. Make sure your photographer is understanding, compassionate and happy to help your little one feel comfortable before proceeding. At the same time, trust your photographer and allow them to try to settle your little one……we do have a few magical tricks up our sleeves!

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5. Will Your Photographer be Flexible?

Your photographer probably has a clear plan about what they will shoot first and where, but your partner may need to be ducking back to work half way through the session, or you might have a toddler, who will self destruct after the first 5 minutes, so be sure to communicate your needs with the photographer prior to the session and hopefully they will be flexible and alter their session around you and your family’s needs rather than sticking to their schedule.

6. Does Your Photographer Offer Sibling and Family Portraits in Their Sessions?

Some photographers have different packages for family and sibling portrait additions so be sure to check this before you book your session. You don’t want to bring your first little one along only to be told that the sibling photo will cost a surcharge. Favian Photography’s newborn photography Brisbane sessions include a parent and sibling. see pricing

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7. Consider What You Will do With the Photos so you Know the Look You Want.

Hopefully the place your photos are going to after this photo session is NOT going to be on the hardrive of your computer! There is a blank wall in your home, I’m sure would look incredible with some beautiful imagery of your family. Consider this when choosing your photographer by looking at the style they shoot and the products they supply. Perhaps you would love to have an album to give to the family, if this is the case, a documentary style session of the birth, may not be appropriate, so instead you may pick your photographer based on their lifestyle or posed photos that would work beautifully in an album. Favian Photography provides beautiful, bespoke albums, well art and printing, made by Australian companies and are archival with over a 30 year guarantee. Click here for more details.

8. Will Your Chosen Photographer Pose your Baby as You see in Pinterest or Instagram photos?

As you have prepared for your session, you may have started to look at some ideas online that you like. You may have travelled through the pages of Pinterest and seen that there are a variety of poses that bubs can be in why sleeping.

Besides, Newborn photographers have named many of the poses. (such as the Taco pose and the potato sack pose). As a result, most professional photographers will happily and safely move your bub into a known and practiced pose if they feel it is safe. There are some poses, however that some photographers do not feel comfortable doing. Or your baby will not safely move into, due to their natural body position. Although this may be disappointing, trust your photographer as it is better to be conservative than risky. Please note, as I mentioned in the ‘Safety’ tip, no baby should ever be left unattended, suspended or in a position, with any likelyhood of them falling. 

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9. Your Comfort

Think about your own comfort when booking your photographer. or If you’d prefer to have your photo session in your own home, make sure that the person going there is someone you feel comfortable with and you trust. You don’t want to feel that you have to clean the whole house, but to prepare only a space if needed. The last thing you need after having a baby is to feel pressured to host! If you are travelling to a studio, check what facilities are available at the studio. Is there a bathroom and a couch? What’s more, ensure your photographer is trained to know how to pose you if you  are in pain or uncomfortable after the birth, ensure your photographer knows exactly how long to keep you in position and check in with you to ensure you are comfortable and not getting too tired.

10. What kind of investment do You Need to Make?

Furthermore, if your newborn session is the first photography booking you have made, the investment may leave you feeling quite surprised. Consider however, that everything that goes into your session. From the expertise and skill of your photographer, to their credentials, props, wraps and studio insurance and overheads. Not to mention their highly professional hardware like cameras, lenses, lights and computers. Also, their software subscriptions, screen calibrations and backup devices.

On top of this, the photographer’s time to photograph the session is one component. And then, the time afterwards in post-processing is the next. So much more cost and time occurs behind the scenes of a professional newborn session. To ensure that you have a high quality service, experience and product. 

Make sure all the information is given to you prior to your session too, this way your photographer is being open and transparent and making sure your needs are first so that you can budget accordingly.

Ask the questions! You never know the possibilities if you don’t ask!

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11. Read the Contract

This one is pretty self explanatory but it’s surprising how many people don’t read over the contracts before signing. A common consideration at the moment is how the photographer may use your images. It is imperative for photographers to have images for social media, their advertising and websites. These images are genuine images from real sessions. If you have good reasons for not wanting your photos public, make sure you address this clause in the contract before signing. Also check the cancellation procedures. Some photographers require 48+ hours cancellation notice or you will be hit with a fee!. Also, before Choosing a Brisbane Newborn Photographer, make sure you understand the clauses in the contract you are about to sign.

12. How Long Will You Wait to See/Have Your Images?

However, Even the busiest photographers have a duty to ensure that you have your photos within due time. Moreover, to have newborn photos, you hope to be able to use them on your birth announcements and to proudly share them on social media and with family across the world. This is not possible when you photos arrive months later. ‘The moment has gone’- so to speak. Make sure you ask your photographer what the waiting time is for your images and to have this included on your contract.

At Favian, all clients receive a ‘sneak peek’ on my Facebook and Instagram pages as well as a slideshow to share with family.  I have heard some horrible stories of clients waiting months and months for their images- don’t fall into this trap and make sure waiting time is on the contract and within reason. Prior Choosing a Brisbane Newborn Photographer, ask before hand about the delivery times.

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13. Make an Investment Not Only in Your Session but in Your Photographer

Moreover, Can you imagine returning to this photographer for your sitter session, Christening, 5th birthday, 16th birthday, Wedding day? Consequently, why not consider your photographer as the person who is going to document your life?. If you are going to invest your time and trust in a person. Why do it over and over again each milestone? If you love your photographer, make sure they are capable of photographing other family events, and future sessions. The benefits of knowing your photographer over time are great!

– Firstly, they get to know you and your family and their personalities. This makes taking photos just a little easier each time as barriers are pulled down easier and quicker.
– As well as, they will do their best to be there at your important events. Again, the sense of loyalty is mutual and appreciated.
– You will be sure to receive discounts as you continue to return to your photographer over and over again.

14. Specials!

Prior to Choosing a Brisbane Newborn Photographer. Also, Check out if there are any specials or gifts being offered with your chosen photographer. Stalk their instagram, Facebook and subscribe to their newsletter in preparation to pounce on the perfect deal for you!

15. Recommendations/Reviews

Finally, these days, everything is online and accessible at your fingertips. Also, check out your photographer’s social media and website, read reviews and their responses to their client’s comments on images. Are they passionate about what they do? Do they leave their clients with not just a sense of satisfaction, but shear joy? Why not ask your potential photographer if they can supply the contact of one of their past clients. So that you can ask the questions about the session and how they experienced it. Likewise, If you know the person who is recommending this photographer, be sure to ask them the prickly questions. And don’t forget to check out their work to make sure this is the right person for you. While Choosing a Brisbane Newborn Photographer, make sure people know them and have nice things to say.

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With these 15 things to consider when choosing a newborn photographer in Brisbane. Also, hopefully,you feel armed and ready to narrow down your choices. You also may have a little more insight into the expertise, and skill that goes into a professional newborn session. And that anything less is not worth making the investment. Above all, choose a photographer who you believe will safely, truthfully and joyfully capture your little bundle of joy. And your family beautifully. All the best!

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