best professional, affordable, newborn and family photographer in Brisbane

Often our photo albums and family portraits are some of our most treasured family memories. They are the story books to our past and often handed down from grandparents to parents. And then on to their own children. They take us back to a time and let us relive special moments in our lives together. Family photography is about togetherness. It’s about the big hugs and little kisses. The milestones and moments in between. Favian will gently guide you through naturally posed portraits but leave plenty of room for relaxed and playful fun.

furthermore, Family Photography is perfect for capturing all stages of your growing family. Once you have secured your session date and time, you will join Favian online for a pre-shoot consultation. That will cover selecting the perfect location and go through outfit styling advice. Your Photoshoot will be be over approximately 1 hour. In a Brisbane location of your choosing.  The best time of day for capturing beautiful natural light imagery is late in the afternoon – during that stunning “Golden Hour” glow.

Newborn Family Photography

best professional, affordable, newborn and family photographer in Brisbane

However, It is best to book your Family Photography session with us as far in advance. And this is to ensure your preferred time, location and precious moments are captured perfectly. Allowing plenty of planning time gives you the opportunity to prepare with the perfect outfits.

Favian also specializes in capturing the glowing beauty of your pregnancy journey with Maternity photography and the freshness of your newest family member with Newborn photography, available both in studio or on location.

Families are special – there isn’t one quite like yours and each person plays their part. As a professional family photographer in Brisbane I love meeting new families, hearing their stories, getting to know the parents and children and their personalities. To capture all of this in one image is hard… and that’s where I come in. More so, I capture the moment and tell your story, as their isn’t another like it. Whether you’ve never had professional photos done before and your wanting to get some while the kids are still little. Or you’ve had some previously and have need to get them updated. Whatever the reason, let me do the story telling for you.

Family Sessions

newborn baby and mummy

Family sessions are normally held on location or with a newborn. Sessions can be held at a range of locations around Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast. And are normally best done just before sunset to get that “golden hour” light. My sessions are never rushed and last for 1-2 hours. Allowing ample time to capture all of the special little moments. I can book out quite quickly. So to avoid disappointment  I recommended you book your family photoshoot at least 1 month in advance.

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