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There are so many wedding photographers in Brisbane to choose from.  Again, what makes one different from another?  Why should you choose Favian Photography as your Brisbane wedding photographer?  Meanwhile, we are specialists at capturing you, your emotions, your interactions, and your families on your wedding day.  When someone asks us about our photography style, we always struggle to give a short answer to their question.  Consequently, we look at others photographers’ work all the time.  And, if we’re being very honest, many photographers seem to have a very cookie cutter recipe for producing wedding pictures. 

However, every wedding they shoot looks exactly the same.  In fact, many times their pictures look so similar that it seems like they just changed the faces from one wedding to next.  In other words, your wedding is going to look like every other wedding that photographer has ever shot.  Your wedding is going to be squeezed into their creative box.

We have so many people tell us that our pictures look different.  And that isn’t by accident.  We feel like, in order to capture your day in the most organic, natural, truly reflective way, we must be able to alter what we do to your day.  Every wedding is different.  And every wedding photography collection should be, too.

Furthermore, contact us today to schedule your free consultation and learn what it’s like to have a photographer whose focus in on you and your day…not on their limited style or narrow vision of what your day should look like.

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Capture the Wedding Moments That Matter Most


It’s one of the biggest days of your life. You want to remember all of the best moments for years to come. Favian Photography Brisbane knows that the best way to document your special day is to hire an experienced wedding photographer in Brisbane/ Goldcoast

Let us help you create high-quality photography you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

Reach out to Favian Photography so we can make your big day last forever.

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You don’t want dark, blurry wedding pictures from a cheap camera or phone. Moreover, you want professional pictures that capture the exact feeling and mood of your wedding.
Also, we know how you feel. Our professional wedding photographers:

  • Firstly, now how to capture the most important moments of your wedding
  • Secondly, understand how to document your wedding without getting in the way
  • Thirdly, provide high-quality photography services at an affordable price
  • Fourthly, can create stunning engagement and bridal portrait photos
  • Also, have over 30 years of experience taking photos for our satisfied clients

You can’t afford to take chances with your wedding photography. Trust our highly trained wedding photographers in Brisbane and Gold coast area to capture the moments that matter most. Get in touch with us today to discuss our packages and pricing options.

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